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It is the objective of Advance Plumbing to maintain a safe and healthy environment for all staff and other stakeholders who are involved in the business services and products.

We achieve this by:

  • Monitoring all aspects of health and safety
  • By making OH&S very important within the business quality system
  • By providing financial resources to OH&S
  • By providing management resources to OH&S
  • Regard all Occupational Health and Safety accidents as preventable
  • Providing well-maintained and safe equipment
  • Provide information on chemicals, MSDS
  • Advising staff on manual handling
  • Test and tag all electrical equipment
  • Have available PPE to all staff and contractors
  • Appointing Safety Representatives
  • Maintain a high consultative level of communication with staff
  • Management will show excellent safety and health leadership
  • Investigate all hazards and incidents
  • Providing training to all staff and contractors
  • Providing a rehabilitation program following an injury with the aim of returningemployees to pre-injury employment wherever possible
  • Reviewing every 12 months the effectiveness of the OH&S plan

Advance Plumbing is committed to the ongoing implementation of the policy and it's safety
plan, and will monitor, audit and review the effectiveness of these policies and the
management plan on a regular basis in accordance to the OH&S Act 2004 and its
supporting codes of practice.

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